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             Welcome to Fantasy Creations in Metal

Fantasy Creations in Metal was founded over 20 years ago with three simple concepts…

To fabricate high quality metal furniture…
To make it competitively priced…
And to never forget that every conversation we have is with another human being trying to get through their day...

We know that every job has a price point to be met, and it is our goal to work with you to meet the required budget.

Regardless the size of the project, we are invested in your success.

From that one custom console table your client just has to have, to the bases under your tops, sofas and chairs.

We are invested until your project is complete.

From the Highly decorative designs, ours or yours, to the down and dirty metal angles, brackets, and support systems that no one ever sees, we have the products to complete your projects.

In an increasingly competitive, global economy, it is our pledge to give you the highest quality, and most competitive pricing, always while maintaining a working environment that is friendly and efficient.

We Are a Service Driven Company
It is Our Goal to Insure Your Satisfaction.



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